Tech 21 Roto Choir (pedal Efeito Leslie)

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R$ 1.000

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Pedal em ótimo estado, muito conservado mesmo, nunca saiu do meu quarto.
Único detalhe é que colei o velcro atrás para uso em pedalboard.

The undeniable deep, swirling glory of a vintage rotating speaker in a compact pedal.

With its specifically formulated SansAmp technology, the Roto Choir guitar effect pedal delivers the entire signal chain of a vintage rotating speaker, from the original tube power amp to the low-frequency speaker and high-frequency horn, to the microphone used to capture it. This studio-quiet, roadworthy pedal can be used with guitar as well as keyboards, synths, and vocals, and to record direct.

The Roto Choir features a Fast/Slow footswitch which allows you to ramp up, slow down, or even stop the rotating speaker. There's a dedicated Top Speed control to custom-set the rotor speed and a Position control to adjust the virtual mic closer to or further from the horns. Other controls include Drive to adjust the amount of compression, harmonics, and grit; active dual-band EQ; and Level.

The Roto Choir's Biamped switch allows you to change to single speaker mode and there's a Speaker Sim switch for direct recording. Stereo output, buffered bypass, and a silent-switching, custom footswitch actuator completes the package. Operable with 9V battery (not included) or optional DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2). Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Vintage rotating speaker effects
Level, High, Low, Drive, Position, Top Speed knobs give you control over every aspect of a rotating speaker's signal chain
Fast/Slow footswitch
Speaker Sim switch for direct recording
Biamped mode
Powered by 9V battery (not included) or optional Tech 21 DC2 power supply

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